Live Ltd is a boutique software development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company was established in 2005 as a web development and consulting company by Andrey Dzhukov and Stoyan Stoyanov.

During the years we've build many complex project for the web involving wide range of technologies. We are highly experienced in delivering web sites and services that are robust and work under heavy load.

We work with select clients to develop custom solutions tailored to their business.

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We develop web software and get things done. From nginx c modules and go video streaming servers, trough ruby on rails backends, to javascript, html, css we do it all.

We think software should be simple, elegant and robust. As a small company that has to support every line of code for years, our goal is to write as little code as possible to get the job done. We stay away from overengineering and stick to simple solutions that work.

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We are looking for "Full Stack" Developer. The job involves mainly Ruby on Rails. We need someone who is experienced and self driven.

Even if you have no experience in Rails, a good programmer is good in every language so drop us a line.

We have an office in Sofia, but you're free to work from anywhere.

We pay well and give freedom to do things your way.

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