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Web Developer

We at Live Ltd. are looking for passionate developers to join our enthusiastic team of code monkeys.

If you are the type who experiences the utmost satisfaction of a neatly solved problem, if you can't sleep at night when there is a bug somewhere the culprit of which you have not yet been able to grasp, if you get unnaturally excited by the newest tech buzz or if you cringe a little when you hear the letters "PHP", then you might be exactly the person we've been looking for all this time.

We develop complete solutions which are mostly web-oriented, however we're not afraid to attack problems that involve other programming areas and technologies, such as native mobile apps, custom server-side daemons, etc. The broader and harder the problem we're faced with, the more excited we feel when trying to solve it.

Currently we're engaged to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, we live in a Unix shell inside a Mac OS cave, we breathe in HTTP and exhale super-nicely-looking, ultra-optimized HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript-based uber-usable UIs.

As you surely know, however, technologies are not set in stone and we're always open to the new tendencies in the technological jungle out there. It's far more important to be eager to learn and master new stuff as the need arises than any particular experience you may have in a concrete technology or programming language.

If you feel comfortable eating and breathing the same, please get in touch.

In terms of remuneration, we can offer you a salary in the range of BGN 4500 to BGN 7000 gross, depending on your skills and enthusiasm.

More importantly, though, we're offering an excellent working environment with as little stress as possible while still preserving the thrill in programming. We will learn from each other and we will evolve. We can also provide you with a workspace with equipment tailored to your liking.

To get in touch, drop us a line at with your resume in a PDF format and preferably write us a few sentences explaining why you're excited to apply and why are we missing out by not having hired you yet.

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